Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Losing the cold

Its cold and crisp this morning, the colors out my window a pale blue sky with the dark reds and brownish-yellows of a northwest fall lit with sunshine.

The Seattle Times front page article this morning is on our glaciers, or rather on our smaller and smaller glaciers. It made me think about Alaska, and how I want to do the inside passage some day (the only way I can think of to willingly join a cruise). It would be nice to see glaciers in all their sharp diamond beauty before we melt them all.

Think I'm over-reacting?

Google "Glacier global warming" or some similar term set. It's scary. I'm not reproducing a list of url's with this post because there's too many, and the simple experience of seeing that, and reading a host of articles on the topic is visceral. This isn't controversial science. It's not theories and computer models and tracking animal migrations - not, in other words, the minutia of science. It's empirically measurable by normal people. We can see it with our eyes. Many of the articles you'll find on your Google search have a series of picture - glaciers 50 yeasr ago, glaciers 30 years ago, glaciers 10 years ago...glaciers now...(or not).

I'm going to try and enjoy the cold today. It feels good.

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