Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Idea Came From a Character....

The idea came from one of my characters. Which means from the little lizard brain that isn't always rational but drives creativity.

Why not record what I hear, read, and see about global warming / climate change all in one place?

Global warming is not a new thing for me to think about. I've written two articles for on the issue:

Global Warming: Local Solutions

and, in 2002,

Global Warming

My futurist mentor, Glen Hiemstra, wrote about it as one topic in his new book, Turning the Future into Revenue. He actually emphasizes it quite a bit, but after the book was done, he told me he wished he'd said more. Watch for upcoming articles from either of us.

I'm sensitized to news about global warming / climate change and want to share the news I hear - so posts here will be simple links to news, anecdotes of stories, and occasional stray thoughts.

Feel free to add your own stories in the comments.


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