Friday, September 29, 2006

What I Didn't See

There was an article about new car models coming out in this morning's Seattle times. I looked closely at it.

I've been feeling guilty about my car. It's a Honda CR-V, so it gets 20-something plus mileage, and it's only three years old and paid off. I thought about hybrids when I bought it, but the only one I liked was the Prius, which had a long wait, and we had a family-pass-down emergency where my son needed my car (or at least a car), and so the Prius wasn't going to work.

The next car I buy will be hybrid or other alternative fuel.

My usual pattern would be buy a car, pay it off quick, and keep it until it starts dropping parts on the road or someone needs it. That should be at least six more years with the CR-V (which is a great car), but I already cringe at driving a regular car. I mean, how can I write about global warming and drive a gasoline car?

This fall, we're re-doing old windows. That cost (high) will make changing cars impossible for a little while, and should reduce our energy use. That's something. But the new windows won't stop me from feeling guilty - their cost will just restrict my choices.

What I didn't see in the Seattle Times article was a single alternative fuel, hybrid, or electric car.

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