Thursday, October 26, 2006

More Work to do with Local Elected Officials

I tend to talk about how well cities are doing with global warming. I mention (and admire) Mayor Nickel's stance on it, and how our own Council in Kirkland is stepping up.

I'm at a conference full of City and County IT people, and I heard a story that reminded me there is still work to do. The story goes something like "We were at a Council meeting, talking about how poor the water quality is getting, and you know, our Council - only one of them even thinks global warming MIGHT be happening and MIGHT affect us, and so he suggested we start a program to plant trees..." Insert roll of eyes here...

So talk to the people you elect.


Anonymous said...

I have posted on several webs with no return comments,and notes not posted,in words to the effect,,
Nothing will be done about global warming,until,,the government can tax it,and big business can make a profit from it.
Already a couple states have figured out the taxing part,and government is proposeing an airline $50 fee to help pay for it,and if we,the average Joe, push hard enough we will go broke paying all the taxes and fees(profits) ,,long before global warming will kill us.
Global warming is over exagerated,and easily revesable.
A good example of corrections ,is the clean water act,,I personaly witnessed the change in a river from no viable life to a healthy river with plenty of fish and game and drinkable water,in just over 6 years of mine polution clean up,and sorage treatment faciliteies added at towns and industrial sites.(I refer to the Kisliminatas River in south western PA.)Still an ongoing process,but with great improvements with a minimal cost to the tax payer.
Global warming can be adressed in the same manner,with out all the holabalu and waste of time and money.Just get out and do it,,there's been enough talk and debate.It's like a piece of litter lying on the sidewalk,,10 people standing around complainning,and wanting government to make laws and fines,and getting locals to hire more workers to keep the streets clean,blah,blah,blah,,"Just stoop down and pick it up".Now was that such a hard thing to do?And so much easier and a lot less expense,and think of all the other things the government can concentrate on,now that they dont have to spend 10 years debateing on just who is responsible for the litter and who should pay for the clean up,and how it is to be done.
Just stop,stoop.and pick it up.

Brenda Cooper said...

Thank you for your comments.
I think business clearly can make a profit from the the movement toward green energy and green products, and that we as consumers are making a difference by the choices we make.

I hope we don't see the $50 tax you are talking about, but that people who can afford it do use the terrapass option I mentioned in a different post.

I do agree that regulation matters, and that we have cleaner water (and air) because of aggressive regulation. The current federal administration has not helped in this area (although many local jurisdictions are taking action), and I hope for better in the future.

The government has a critical role. As consumers of goods and end-usres of energy, we have a bigger collective role.